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Explore Heroes Database's contents

Below are pages to help you select subjects to learn about.


Alphabetical indexes


A portal introduces the reader to a subject by presenting images, categories and excerpts of key articles. Portals also guide editing by providing to-do lists.

Categorical indexes

Heroes Database's category system is generated from category tags at the bottom of articles and other pages. The top-level pages are:

  • Categories   —   an index of major categories, arranged by subject (because this page is crafted by hand, it is an exception to the category autogeneration rule)
  • Category:Articles   —   the category in which all article category systems are located
  • Category: categories   —   pages and categories which themselves specifically relate to categories
  • Category:Contents   —   the highest level or "root" category in Wikipedia   —   its subcategories contain various types of encyclopedic content, content that assists with the navigation of the encyclopedia, as well as pages related to the maintenance of the encyclopedia   —   its autogenerated entries are listed at the bottom of the page
  • Category:Fundamental categories   —   the category containing the most fundamental ontological categories, such that every article category system can reasonably be expected to be within it


Glossaries are lists of terms with definitions.

Most popular articles