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List of DC Superheroes

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This is a list of characters owned or published primarily by DC Comics. Note that most, but not all of these characters are depicted as existing within the fictional continuity of the "DC Universe;" some listed are part of the Wildstorm Universe, others of Alan Moore's America's Best Comics line, and others are characters from Warner Brothers animations and films, Elseworlds or from companies below with reference. In the eighties, DC published comics under the name of Who's Who in the DC Universe to catalogue the characters they had then. DC had also published a Showcase series, a DC Comics Presents series, a Secret Origins, House of Mystery, House of Secrets, Legends of the DC Universe, The Brave and the Bold Showcase Presents series and a DC Cosmic Cards line to keep track with their characters. America's Best, Homage, Wildstorm, Helix Press, DC/Elseworlds, Impact, Tangent, DC/Milestone Press, Paradox Press, Piranha Press, and DC/Vertigo Press Comics are all trademark publications of the DC comics group.


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Name Alter Ego(s) Teams/Associations First Appearance Year Date Writer Artist Ref
2D Man Action Comics #438 August 1974
500Z-Q Sooz, Soozie-Q Hero Hotline #1 April 1989
711 Daniel "Dan" Dyce Quality Police Comics #1 August 1941 George Brenner George Brenner

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